The Invisible Braces for Teenagers

August 2013

Many teenagers are very self-conscious about their appearance and can react in horror when they are advised they need orthodontic treatment. However, the developments in dental technology mean that it is no longer necessary to be subjected to obvious and bulky metallic brackets and wires, which can draw unwanted attention.

The development of many new orthodontic treatments has allowed many dental problems to be treated in synchronization with the latest fashion trend or reflect their own personality. However, for teenagers looking for a more discrete treatment, the Invisalign Teen range of teeth aligners allow dental issues to be corrected with a clear plastic device which is virtually invisible.

Treatment with Invisalign is Relatively Simple

As the treatment progresses, your teenager is supplied with different aligners. These make slight adjustments to the position of the teeth according to the process planned out by your orthodontist. The aligners are best worn for twenty to twenty two hours a day and this will allow the teeth to be gradually shifted.

Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign aligners are easily removed to eat and drink, clean and floss as normal. This allows for teenagers to remove the aligners when required, removing the eating restrictions of foods such as popcorn or chewing gum which are normally associated with conventional braces. This can enable them to enjoy eating out and trips to the movies without feeling constricted by braces which restrict what and how they can eat.

This type of treatment can also allow teenagers to maintain their normal activities and social life. They need not feel self-conscious when taking pictures for the yearbook, playing their favorite sports or playing a musical instrument. Conventional braces can normally restrict teenager’s activities since the metal construction can cause injury or discomfort. Even contact sports can still be played, as the aligner can be removed to allow a mouth guard to be worn.

This form of orthodontic treatment offers convenience, durability and comfort which can allow the teenager to relax and forget about the aligners, getting on with their hectic schedule of after school activities, dances and socializing.

The Invisalign Range is also Beneficial for Parents

A diagnosis by an orthodontist for your teenage son or daughter to be fitted for braces is not the usual arguments parent have had with their teenagers in the past. Now there is the Invisalign product line which has helped address any concerns with respect to the cosmetic aspects of braces. They can also prove to me more convenient since there is no need for scheduling numerous visits to the orthodontic clinic for minor adjustments and checks. A visit every six weeks is usually only necessary to review progress of the teeth alignment and receive a new set of aligners. Simply because these visits don’t entail adjustments of wire or metal fixtures, they tend to be shorter and require less time in the dental chair.

The teeth aligners are also great for older teenagers, who have had a later diagnosis of an orthodontic problem. They may have missed their friends all having braces a year or two before and be faced with the prospect of being the only teenager in their peer group with braces. The Invisalign range is so discreet that it can go unnoticed by their friends. They can be removed for eating or during contact sports and require no specialist cleaning which can be time-consuming in the mornings or at night.

If you are interested in learning more about the Invisalign Teen range and whether it would be suitable your teenager, contact Fremont Orthodontics. We offer full orthodontic treatment services including Invisalign treatment and would be delighted to answer any questions or queries that you may have. It would be our pleasure to facilitate your teenager achieving a perfect smile.

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